LRL e-editions is thrilled to bring Beverly Dahlen’s first three books back to print in a single volume: Out of the Third (Momo’s Press, 1974), A Letter at Easter: To George Stanley (Effie’s Press, 1976), and The Egyptian Poems (Hipparchia Press, 1983). Also included are Robert Duncan’s afterword to the Hipparchia edition, as well as a new interview with Dahlen about her early work. With these long out-of-print publications newly accessible, readers can mine the formative explorations that open onto Dahlen’s life work, A Reading. According to Duncan in his afterword: “The creative field addressed, worked, and kept at work in Out of the Third, A Letter at Easter, and the present set of Egyptian poems sets into motion resonant elements in my own poetic consciousness so that I hear new harmonics. She has deepened my apprehension of the oracular voice in Poetry…”

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