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from INTERSTATE 8 (2008)


Implicatives leave cherishing at C-prompt hem me to the confines of your work bin where I see a stack of undone plaque I have to ask myself could I begin to heal you and conclude from that that you are healable then simple plain within agreed upon present tense?


At dusk the mountain sides resemble skin of elephants as I have found them on the page they might withstand atmosphere infection drama good wood starlight even creek bed where it happens to be heard perhaps prayer circles.


Songs themselves inculcate innocence in their apparent experience that does not match the things the lyrics stay does this mean haunting hurts and brings distaste and hems haws darkness in the way of suffering and spasmodic tasks?


How I know to use interrogation points is imprecise and quite inaccurate the voice of one direct statement brings forth an endpoint lilt supposed to mean what enclosure might be filled with such as something dot something a small child recites and thereby means.