sheila e. murphy




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from Noun that I've been watching



patrons ruin bamboo
floors at top
speed. you?
put a bump
er stick
er on your back
space. sacrif
ice pro
bab(b)le draw
string so things
will be smooth
er tall
er frocked
a whine
tone mad
rig al
but three p
arts shy
of col
ative some
thing like the big
meet in the earl
y eight
when a trio of sm
all biz people
ventured to
an undis
c(l)osed loc
ation no vacation
to sell somebody
's idea and the engine
er w
ore squeaky
shoes and all
the floors were
polished to a t
urn and n
ever mind how
indistinguishable from
hell this was
with two
thirds of a trio
blanching from chagrin
and him oblivo
comme toujours