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artists' statements

el: The poems are inspired by artist Diana Cooper's work and artist statement – to an extent, they are about wanting to get inside the artwork, to be absorbed into it, or the artwork as the door through which you enter to experience an unraveling of thought and time and experience... The poetic work that I am doing is an ongoing examination about how we relate to one another, how we see ourselves as individuals and collective beings, and how we view the world inside and outside of the comfortable box that we put it in.

msf: Most of my work now is about trying to capture an immediate mood, moving towards a more abstract expressionist form and process. Most recently, the photographic work of Paul Sietsema has inspired me to begin seeing failed work as not hopeless - in that I mean tearing apart, recomposing, painting over, pasting, tearing down again and staring all over. Layer upon layer.