those things that own you
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   Artists' Statement

   untitled 35

   untitled 37

   untitled 36

   untitled 17

   dialogue one

   the friction source and then away again

   decorating doesn't interest me

   and sometimes you are the door

   dialogue two

   i am warm

   untitled 15

   untitled 25

   untitled 27

   untitled 50


erica lewis's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Ur Vox, With+Stand, Cricket Online Review, alice blue, Shampoo, BOOG CITY, Work, and Try!, among others. Chapbooks are forthcoming from Etherdome Press and Queue Books. She is a fine arts publicist in San Francisco and curator of the Canessa Gallery Reading Series in San Francisco. She received her MFA from Mills College where she was the recipient of the 2008 Mary Merritt Henry Prize for poetry.

Mark Stephen Finein earned his BFA from Buffalo State in 1986, specializing in surrealistic wood block printmaking, lithography, and 3D constructions. After a short stint as a graphic artist, he began performing, writing, and recording music, playing in the streets of Prague and in rock, blues, and folk clubs in Buffalo, San Francisco, Germany, England, and Wales. Now that he’s shaken off the demon of representationalism, he’s proud to be showing his visual artwork publicly for the first time in two decades. Recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in P-Queue and BOOG CITY; chapbooks (collaborations with poet erica lewis) are forthcoming from Etherdome and Queue.










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