eric baus



How Electricity Works


for Sara Veglahn

Sara was born in the sticks. She lived in the woods. There were ducks. They were friends. There was a sky and parents. Mayflies fell. She once was witness to a robbery. A good voice said, wait here, until it passes. She moved across the street. Some kids in a truck thought her name was Miss Lady. Miss Lady was not her name. She decided to make a Sweden instead. In Sara’s Sweden there are only owls.

Sara’s streams mean “How to Haunt” and also Sara can see the sun. She is not blinded by her eyes. She has walked into herself. I was waked when I read how she haunted her face. How her her is always otherwise, elsewhere. Sara is my friend and my sister. She has shown me “How Electricity Works.” She will show you too. She will say, “Hello.”















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