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4 Poems
by C.E. Putnam
Sure, I’ll go to Denver but I don’t think you should

Oh, you beautiful Spooky
you are not poor
mow about
fall on shoulders
up all night on
swan flogging beats
pickles of ecstasy
loosen your joints
tilt your head
light up the slow moon
& dominate the patient
inside chewing bird
sized holes into high
heeled sneakers dried sticks
of weed the night sky
in splendor in Hammond
organ clouds in constant flower.

Why should we describe these beautiful trees by intruding on them?

hello rude lines
take another pill

why draw anything?
my eye can open any picture

overlord power
ridiculous as a treadmill

making cripples
picturesque pig nipples

hello miraculous dots
let me be you forever

your accordion is beautiful
until it is played

I am running out
of infinitude

whichever direction I go
The Frescoes of Dan

sparking buds & dwarf expansion
elfish empire tapping

down the bowl
separating smoky heaven

and dusty earth
the palm leaves please

all of the charm
out of algebra

white flowers litter
saw buck heaven

the pine trees
condition of fire

His strange name became a household word

Anything that comes into being
the whole world
a tiny sesame seed
cannot last forever.
Mossman returned to
the hollowed out tree
to check on the baby’s
breathing. Pushing aside
the bark curtain, he saw
its arms stretched free
of the swaddle, a pink
hand gripping its favorite
beaver tooth. Mossman
echoed the little one’s sigh
and then covered the baby again
to wait for moonrise.
“You are fortunate to have such
a good and wise mother.
I will not eat your flesh.”

Four Poems Inside a Large Cloud (4)

Say goodbye
as snow dust
the final look back
& wipe out like no other
broom could.
I miss your total jaw.
Yaks have bong speech also.
Bunny and the Accommodating Dirt People
dip me in sprinkles. Force me
into color back inside the jugular trunk.
I’ll just plug the tongue,
let the lymph milk drain, and dance.
The Emperor Ming Fruit
rotten where they fall is song
enough. Are you ready to
listen to the country
more than a dog?
Both too fettered! Flash!
It is so hard since you’ve gone
I am so accustomed to the Czech Republic
bottle to get me started
on my way.


In 2012 C.E. Putnam’s back catalog was published by P.I.S.O.R Publications: The Papier-Mâché Taj Mahal (1997), XX Elegies (1998), Spaces Where Spaces Are (1999), Transmissions from the Institute (2000), Maniac Box (2001), Things Keep Happening (2003). He is also the co-author of Crawlspace (2007) with Daniel Comiskey. He has recently completed the first three years of a four-year posting as Poetry Attaché for P.I.S.O.R. (Putnam Institute for Space Opera Research) in Singapore, Singapore. His text, image, and sound art are stored at: http://www.pisor-industries.org

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