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from Frames
by Jenna Cardinale

Her preferred subject
was herself.

A hand, white-gloved or
painted black, at a breast.

Or only its print. Plotted—

An intervention into
an existing text.

The image
the object.

Should her suicide go

Most often the body
in question was her

Certain powers: directing
lightning. Silencing
an alarm. A wire

The plot plays

"What am I supposed to do
with nature?"

Mirrors made
for clothing.
For trying
things on.

Those polka dots
a uniform, like breasts.

The relationship of the body

Those cabbages come

The body. The glass
box. The sliver of
mirror. The eye. Its lid.

The analysis is necessarily
complicated. What might—

Our glassed things full
of only light.

"I mean I am as tired
as the rest of you
of looking at me."



Jenna Cardinale wants you to know that these poems are part of an ongoing series focused on or near the photographer Francesca Woodman. Other poems from the series appear in Horse Less Review and Wicked Alice.

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