linh dinh



Poetry is Sounds


John speaks out about his affair. One day after ceremony,
Man stabs tourists, then jumps to Beijing. Wanna see a
Baby sloth stretch its long leg to get at an itch? A laptop
Is as ransackable as a stitched piece of dead skin, claims
Department of Homeland Security, who doesn’t need a
Bleeding heart warrant to probe your ridiculous assets.

Asshole wiggles are still rare. Immigration officials
At border entries have been searching and seizing
Some citizens’ laptops, cellphones and BlackBerrys,
As they return from overseas trips. Which citizens?

They hate us for our freedom. Sometimes a flashlight
Is needed to highlight your ears, gaping mouth, nostrils,
Vagina, foreskin, asshole and urethra, but what about
All that evil shit stashed deep inside your skull, dude?
Trepan diktat next. I used to travel with a keffiyeh and
A glazed donut, but I think I'll cross-dress from now on,
Something pastel, summery and simple, on sale at K-Mart.









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