}-*,~:^~Michael Cross~^:~,*-{


  earth halves for licit and unsanctity
  as a crystal's red-gold locks
  draw paren to the sun brand
  as to sun I tell this guy
  is water in water, bottleneck's the dynast's
  hand, by bore flayed boxwood
  lip to lave by lawmen's banded eyes
  bunches in the hand the same as me
  poised upon the polished fats a wedge
  erst grace and sublimate, befell a gauze bon mot


Michael Cross reading from Snow Sensitive Skin, by Taylor Brady & Rob Halpern (Atticus/Finch, 2007). Austin, TX,12/01/07, at Okay Mountain.



Michael Cross reading from his chapbook, Cede (Vigilance Society). 12/01/07, at Okay Mountain.