Michael Cross





this is the orange measurement of the lines
as I design them.

Robert Duncan

What seems clear is, that two dimensions as surface for plastic attack is once
more prime. And with all perspective as aid gone, the whole Renaissance. Even
line gone. And maybe color—as too easy.

Charles Olson




certain of the girl balloons lick them

yellow cranes pumiced-soft agleam for too

phatically red in the red grass phatically trine

lodged in the tree’s three and limpid branch

thread aroint pressures kids against

the crane skreigh the tree’s least holden

cup balloon, halidom and purse





ten-slender since the plume imbues bespoken

ten grate marble fosse avec a single-banded kid

environ for an opening World

reminds kid the stun slit by which, plummeting in-ness

bulbs strung, made strident by the copper

hood of boredom, an engagement

with which plummets poverty of World

foaming stunts, the feathered back retreats depravity as such





blackweed, waxen mint as horizontally sward boys

alabasterlly bred bright breaking ornithology’s in the corner

by falls, a single rail facing tongues

holds an open fold of orange rings

mitts the tray / pushing off a history I face toward





horsehair-floor, the figure for time imbue figures

florid spangled-shape kids, a swollen sharp Inhibitor

enough to cede the errer

at least its orange band upon Earth shuttling

pulpous, contrast of the violent tangerine against the white






the rain plait, threads the waist still slake

elsewise to the taper of the wolves

they fallow, moist and legged dure their brilliant shapes

the tumid molt of light in three partition black

gloaming: presentation, darstellung, the meadow

in the throat of red-vinyl wolves licking the Open’s wound as it withdrawals

the stilling of its image: in 1938, the turning does to thinking for a turn involve







Michael Cross edited Involuntary Vision: after Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (Avenue B, 2003), and is currently editing an anthology of the George Oppen Memorial Lectures at San Francisco State University. He publishes Atticus/Finch Chapbooks, and his first book, in felt treeling, is forthcomming from Tuson, Arizona's Chax Press. He is currently a doctorial candidate at SUNY Buffalo.

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