Elizabeth Treadwell


from Virginia or the mudflap girl

"Pocahontas saves John Smith"

at a hero'd standoff
poking at what's real

stands in the honor troop
stands in the honor flesh

some mute philosopher
shown in raggy wig with antick'd prop
shown in bikini disney

as far from the truth as the truth is

hubbub in the girlchoir
hubbub in history

group doubly,
group doublestood


"not yet for Jamestown"

sand-littered stars
louder than town prayers

some bitter soldier
in star-laden orb



Elizabeth Treadwell lives with her family in her hometown of Oakland, California, where she is writing a book-length poem titled Virginia or the mud-flap girl, in addition to occasionelles. She may be found online at elizabethtreadwell.com and is on leave from her job as director of Small Press Traffic in San Francisco for the 07-08 season. Her latest books are Wardolly (Chax Press) and Birds & Fancies (Shearsman Books), both 2007.