Geoffrey Hlibchuk


Variation on a Theme by Hölderlin I

Ebb lightening remnant
and lulls the roses to non-inverted
to generate a lane
where ashen children
sink their knots into water:
                                the holy sober.

Hewn in mnemonic chrome
our bewilderments are now somehow
wounding both sunshine and shade.

A heaven of undermined heat.

And so speechless and cold
that even in the wind
      the weather still clatters.

Variation on a Theme by Hölderlin III
so still bright night
shines abruptly
before morning accelerates

the streams fall like lightening
the echo flexing

peaks of silver shine
and a light full of roses

willingly or not
the fatherland
rises to meet you

Variation on a Theme by Hölderlin XIII

With heavenly
Echoing quietly
With modulations calmly
The familiar sweetly
In order seemly
And down-shaded lightly
A different shines clarity
For now immeasurably
Like men young immortality
O you that benignly
Breathed coolness quietly


But O more darkly
And determines dreadfully
An overshadowed deadly
Fleets on heavenly
For sparingly
Probing deeply
More than only humanly
And powerful quietly
More tasks daily
That resolves the gently
Yet ultimately
Where beings heavenly

In hymns hospitably
Winds breathing lightly

Announce you already


      The shape of the heavenly



Geoffrey Hlibchuk once opened a can of Chef Boyardee's Beefaroni and unexpectedly opened a portal to the starry abysses of Cthulhu.