Raymond Farr


In Short He Mode [#01]

                               triangle                                              most frequently
                                                           across page
                                                           composition by field
                                 r @
                                                           length, one shape / position
                                                           as opposed to
                                                           across inimitable sveldt

                                      Variable of foot/ c. f. (a wave.)

                                             Segmented  progression

                                                           What seems luck
                                                           is ariel
                                                           the second
                                                           an impression (iotas
                                                           build  upon   spaceupon

                                                           themselves)     a smaller
                                                           tracking stanzas
                                                          (Tricking stasis?)

                                                          the possibility

                                                          qtd. (a seme-ic) is

                             a writ                  ten-pseudo

In Short He Mode [#02]

                                  Once                 a qtd.
                                                           anagogic integer seaworthy went.

                                                           Rule & misrule.

                                                           Nolo to Dejeuner.
                                                           Athabascan to Modality. 
                                                           Order to Enjambed.                     [ h ]

                      His foot he mode.         Supports a line:                [ &                h ]    




                                                           squirrels,      &  Katz-

                     enjammer                      (navigate):

                                                            b one b alien b bone b qtd.
                        [ h ]                             b posse b orb b climb

                        [ & h ]                         to one in short he mode:          
                                                            by lamplight


                                                            the reader.

In Short He Mode [#03]

                                       Re:          s(pacific) m(ocean)
                                                       reference-ring to medieval

flag of the Abbey of Saint-Dennis,

                                                       of red &
                                                       orange cloth:

                                                       vibrant hues

                                                       impassioned action
                                                       conflict both destructive and aimed at progression.

                                                       As / As  a _ign

                                                       in towarding extraordinary
                                                       composition (Imet)by field,
                                                       are fresh (for war) (camou-
         flaged ((A))                           as in: As a Sign)
                                                       for both
                                                       Sound & Percussive use. (244)        

                                                       …in conifer,

                                                       expressing grenade-tree.
In Short He Mode [#04]

“…hadn’t turned around to look up at Red and the new man. Beyond the wire, there are still chains of brown paddies and green treelines, and hazy gray mountains in the distance. There are still white clouds in the blue sky above. Nothing has changed, except sand is leaking out of the bag.”

                                                        Concatenate language
           sand, & I cant                      

                                                        somewhat sawftly         grasp


                                                        nearer Croarghhaven’s

                                                        Afore “plantation” 9 generalities
         The lark a threaded.
                                                        like sand
                                                        leak out.

                                                        how seen it
                                                        & silky hiss.

                            Plaudits of:          “Aye, simile is
                            [ act ]uate:           gab

                                                         ‘down home.’”
In Short He Mode [#05]

                                                            V— ladimir upshod a buck degree.
                 argues serif w/…            
                                                            In Patterson…

                  [raven]ous                      —monks of N. J.

                                                           smuggle jewel-sky-clouds
                                                           under albs (once white)

                  a pose of ash
                  walking in sack cloth

                                                            wicked black stacks

                  the murky,      ,                 the pseudo the f(ire)


                                                            V— writes, V— arranges:
                       sooty,                            panoram_c

                           blanched horizon.

                           horizon (a smoke.




                           the smudge.)
In Short He Mode [#06]

                                                        It was terrible, as you have guest, to stay there alive, and notice the growing cracks in plaster; the ice’s fractured synthesis eyed by a bald eye, saying, wrongly, mistakenly:
                                                                 Rad man.
                                                                 _pen up.

                                                                 Red Man.
                                                                 Open Up.

                                                                 Death’s Worthless
                                                                 scoped Terrain






                                                                  Song of So Much-
                                                                  you great unwashed
                           [lacuna]                         one & all.”

In Short He Mode [#07]

                                                                 Do not exclude me,
                                                                 o, my darlin.’

                      Utah / “you tar”                 & majesty.

                                                                 All I

                                                                 sd is,


                                                                 of writing.”

                           Watt-“h” &                    ours.

                                                                  Someone’s (?)
                                                                  Reflection (?)
                                                                  A jest-
                                                                  ure like art,
                                                                  this poem,
                                                                  a pro-

                                    devour by “h”       -achure.

                                                                  along & then past the.


                                                                  Or another.

                                                                  Once, a
                                                                  trail broke

In Short He Mode [#08]

                                                                 as lighting
                                                                 refuses to.

                                                                 Consists solely

                                                                 of ordinary


                                                                  intelligence(s). (pl.)

                                                                  A lifetime
                         [livid froth of]                  lived, day to
                                                                  day, within

                                                                  sighted boundaries:   
                                                                  I walked off
                                                                  a wounded hero.

                                                                  Every gesture
                                                                  an uncertainty.

                                                                  You waited while I walked away. The woman
at the next table. // The small town rain abated beyond the window. // Briefly, I was your hero, as I returned refreshed, looking for my usual: love   intoxication   humor   bliss. You smiled. “What about her?” I asked. “She notices,” you replied. “He entertains,” I noted. “They’ve stopped talking,” you replied. (You always reply.) The rain mumbled those brief ironic beautiful lines: not even the rain has such little feet. The real seemed eternal, momentarily a poem by e. e. cummings. // The word so many reflect upon // in fear of // tumbles backwards across the Void // of rain mentioned in passing // and did she have a ride and if not could she stand in the hall while he fumbled with his keys to get them inside. The hour being late & the couch for visitors opens out into a bed. // So next day there’s waffles & news anchors lacking substance // in the dark about “real” events: lovers & rain & let the cat out would you. For instance, I just read somewhere that China is our country’s future market place. // We could, yes, if you’d like // but I’m comfortable here & now. // The damndest thing happened at the recent Klee retrospective // a woman, drunk, obviously so, wept & I couldn’t deal. I couldn’t stand to see her so sad. I am tres sensitive to people’s feelings like that. You should know that about me. For starters there’s high unemployment & AIDS & violence in the // & yes, too many guns, yes, I agree. // When I lost, you know, my right running shoe, I never stopped to think: how could I live without it. // All you need, she said, doesn’t come easy. // But honestly, a flower in this context seems strange, I know // a kind of sun revolves around my soul where no one can see it but you. // I loved the hot, the cruel man you were when it was real time not / /click click of the, yes, I will have that juice after all. // The notion, he said, will be the end of everything when someone invents a way to deal with it. Manifest and they will come! They will scramble to make use of it. // Take e. e. cummings for instance, he wasn’t playing those games people play // like a diamond that glitters only on demand. // Nice metaphor. You really speak well. // Honestly, a little more juice & I keep thinking about that woman you told me about. She wept & nothing can be done now. // Have you ever experienced the knock on your door of utter sorrow & felt so low you just hit bottom & started to laugh for no good reason, even while you cried?



Raymond Farr lives in Ocala, FL. His work appears on line & in print at Dusie, Otoliths, Bird Dog, Cab/Net, Word/forWord, Xstream, Sidebrow, Schizotype, Anemone Sidecar, BlazeVox2k6, foam:e, 580 Split, & 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry & Poetics.